Thursday, August 10, 2006

I have to say that last night I didn't get the opportunity to watch the episode but I do have Tim Gunn's blog on my bloglines so I get his day-after synopsis of the show. Perfect!
I have to say that this season has some of the best talent so far. Michael defenitely earned that win!
It was fantastic how he modernized his outfit, not only that but he actually made 3 pieces in his time with the failure of the pencil skirt.
I will say it, I don't want to say it but I will. Angela is doing amazingly well in her designs. I thought her Audrey Hepburn dress was a perfect, modern match.
Now let's get to Madonna. It really would have helped if the model, Marilinda, looked like Madonna. SHe didn't do his design justice at all! It was a perfect Madonna design. New, old, modern, 80's, they all apply for this design.
For the others, not so amazing but still very well thought out & constructed, all but Vincent. He was just too Twiggy, it's his era what can you say?

On the knitting/design front here I have not worked on the sweater I designed at all in the last week. Failure on my part, I know. I am feeling behind on knitting, good thing the kids start school in 2 weeks so I can take a mini vacation & get caught up.
I hope you all are humming right along in your PR projects! It would be great to see some photos & inspiration up here!

Here is my sketch of my top & graph of the pointelle lace pattern for the bottom of the top.

That is only about 3 inches long but with 300 stitches around I have quite a bit of work ahead of me!

More updates to come next week!

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