Monday, July 24, 2006

Hi everyone!

I have been a tad bit slow on updating on her. I have been having some hair issues (if you seen my hair lately you know) anyway here's a little update in the world of project runway.

Season two winner Chloe Dao's Elle spread is in the august issue. ON STANDS NOW! woot!

Also there seems to be a big TO DO over season 3 contestent Keith Michael's drawings and portfolios. Did he cheat did he not cheat. Only time will tell i guess..

Also did anyone watch miss universe? I didn't but i grab and image over at getty to show miss USA rocking the dress of PR contestent kayne ( i mean seriously he took that dress to a whole new level)

My progress on the aran michael Kors is slow, i've had to rip it back a few times change needle size. yeah i don't know... But the orange one is comming along nicely. I will have about 12 hrs comming up where i will be in a beautian chair. Hoping that will give me a bigger boost on the orange one! woo!!!



Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chauntel's chosen design/pattern

I found the yarn in my stash, Cascade Sierra in color #40. Fantastic kelley green! I found the pattern in Vogue Fall 2005, Michael Kors short sleeved aran sweater. Perfect!
I only have the ribbing & 4 rows done on the back. I love how the yarn & pattern are working together. I won't pick it up again until the show tomorrow night. At least that is my plan!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Welcome to the Project Runway Knitalong

Obsessive Project Runway watchers + Obsessive Knitters= Project Runway Knitalong

The idea and premise behind our little knitalong is to join two of our favorite pastimes. Knitting, design & well, watching Project Runway.
There are only a few simple rules.

1~ Knit while watching the show weekly. Or during marathons of seasons past, or whenever you can find an episode on, or while watching on dvd.

2~ Knit a pattern designed by Michael Kors. His work has been featured a lot in the last few years in Vogue Knitting. Go through your back issues & see what you can find!


Make up your own design/pattern that would be runway worthy! ;o) Actually, any design made up on your own would be runway worthy I am sure!
This is where the designer creative juices get flowing! If you have seen items on the show, past seaons or this season, that you thought "that would look rad knit up" then this challenge is for you! Take a stitch pattern that you have wanted to try and make a sweater around it. Take a simple free pattern like many you can find on knitty or magknits and apply something fun & extra. Make it in a different stitch pattern, use a different yarn for the cuffs or rib, experiment with added details like short row shoulders or shaping in the body. What about using dropped stitches to make a deconstructed look? The possiblities are endless! Be crazy, be conservative, all that is important is that you love what you are knitting!

It can be any item; sweater, scarf, tank, jacket, gloves, the list goes on & on.
There will be buttons for your blogs soon. Check back or better yet, put us on your blogroll!

Leave a comment or email chauntelATverizonDOTnet to join the knitalong!

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