Monday, July 24, 2006

Hi everyone!

I have been a tad bit slow on updating on her. I have been having some hair issues (if you seen my hair lately you know) anyway here's a little update in the world of project runway.

Season two winner Chloe Dao's Elle spread is in the august issue. ON STANDS NOW! woot!

Also there seems to be a big TO DO over season 3 contestent Keith Michael's drawings and portfolios. Did he cheat did he not cheat. Only time will tell i guess..

Also did anyone watch miss universe? I didn't but i grab and image over at getty to show miss USA rocking the dress of PR contestent kayne ( i mean seriously he took that dress to a whole new level)

My progress on the aran michael Kors is slow, i've had to rip it back a few times change needle size. yeah i don't know... But the orange one is comming along nicely. I will have about 12 hrs comming up where i will be in a beautian chair. Hoping that will give me a bigger boost on the orange one! woo!!!



i caught the end of miss universe. the dress was pretty perfect for miss usa. not something i'd wear, but looked great on her. she got 5th....
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